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Message from the President
Posted on Mar 22nd, 2018

Hi Neighbor:

Spectrum Cable is currently in the process of eliminating the DTA boxes for cable services, and Guest Cottage Homeowners Association has signed a new contract with Spectrum. The new contract will provide each cottage with three (3) set top boxes and a modem with internet service. The set top box will provide an additional 200 channels and an onscreen program guide. Any additional costs for this service will be covered through your current monthly Association fees. If you are currently paying for internet service and/or the set top box you will no longer be responsible for these charges once the new contract takes effect. This should occur in the near future.

You will be contacted by Spectrum by mail advising you of the change and the process to return the DTA boxes and obtain the new equipment. You will be required to bring all your DTA boxes, power cords and remotes to the Spectrum office on 1901 N Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, and they will provide you with the set top boxes and modem. Or, you can make an appointment to have a technician come to your cottage and install the equipment and remove the DTA boxes. There is a cost of approximately $50.00 for the technician service.

Please wait for the notice from Spectrum to come in the mail.

Hope to see you at the annual meeting on May 26, 2018 at the Sands Ocean Club at 9:00 AM

Jeffrey Wilcox, President HOA

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