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Cable TV Update
Posted on Mar 30th, 2018

Important Cable TV Information

This is an update on the changeover to new equipment from Spectrum Cable. We recommend that you contact Spectrum cable at their Bulk Community Customer Care Center at 1-833-697-7328 and provide them with the complex name (Guest Cottages) and your cottage address when setting up to exchange your DTA boxes for the new set top box and modem for the internet. Use the street number on the post in front of your cottage as well as the street name. You can either make an appointment to have a technician come to the cottage to exchange the equipment at a cost of $49.99 or you can bring the DTA boxes with the power cord and remote to their office on Oak Street, Myrtle Beach. If you choose to schedule a technician, you would need to be present at the cottage.

The contract calls for three (3) set top boxes, and a modem for internet (speed 100x10). If you want wireless internet you will need a wireless router. There is a rental fee from Spectrum, but I recommend that you purchase your own; it will be cheaper in the long run.

Important: It is mandatory that you turn in all your DTA boxes, power cord and remotes when you exchange for the new equipment. Also the home owner MUST sign for the new equipment at the time of the exchange. This is a Spectrum policy.

I recommend you do the exchange sooner than later, because we do not know when the DTA boxes will no longer be active.

Jeffrey Wilcox, President

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